Don't give up

When things aren't going the way you planned, don't ever think that you can't cope.
With each difficulty is a lesson.
With each difficulty we gain strength.

Don't give up now

Don’t give up now: you are probably closer to success than you think.

Top 10 facts about October

1. The Anglo-Saxons called October Winterfylleth (or Winterfilth as Tolkien's hobbits put it) meaning the 'fullness' of winter.
2. The Welsh for October is Hydref (originally Hyddfref), a word signifying the lowing of cattle.
3. In Catholic Europe in 1582, October had only 21 days. Changing from Julian to Gregorian calendar, the days from 5-14 October were omitted.
4. The Hunt For Red October is the only film with October in its title to win an Oscar.
5. The month of October is not mentioned at all in any of William Shakespeare's plays.
6. Bounty mutineer Fletcher Christian named his first son Thursday October Christian, because he was born on a Thursday in October 1790.
The month of October is not mentioned at all in any of William Shakespeare's plays.
7. Years later it was realised he got it wrong: the boy should have been Friday October Christian.
8. According to a recent study in Italy, October is the best month for conceiving a boy baby.
9. “I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” (Lucy Maud Montgomery; Anne of Green Gables)
10. “Beer's intellectual. What a shame so many idiots drink it. (Ray Bradbury, The October Country, 1955).

Never be sad

 Never be sad for what is over, just be glad that it was once yours…

October, may your days be...

May your days be painted in gold. May your life be filled with diamonds. May the stars shine bright on your world. May you have a fun filled month. Happy New Month

Fun filled month. October

 With a new year of your journey, shall come more challenges, opportunities and greater success. May God bless you. Happy New Month.

Always be kind...

How beautiful life is when kindness touches it

You haven't lost your smile

You haven't lost your smile at all, it's right there under your nose