I almost rang my Mum today...

I almost rang my mum today
I nearly got as far as the phone
But the house was a mess, the kids were fighting
And the dog wanted his bone
Everyone wanted to talk to me,
Some to whinge and wine
I nearly rang my mum today
But I guess I ran out of time

If I’d rung my mum today
It would be just to say ‘hello’
“how ya doing” and “whats new”
Nothing special you know.
But I knew I’d get stuck on the call
For way too long you see
There were things to do and stuff to make
And places I could be.

I nearly rang my mum today
I guess I really should
Even just to stop her saying
“to hear from you would be good”.

I wish I’d rung my Mum today, or even late last night
To chat to her about nothing much and tell her I’m alright
Instead I'm heading off to sit beside her bed all night
In the hospital with smells and sounds and lights oh way too bright

I wish I’d rung my Mum today to tell her how much she was loved
But instead I left it way too late and into the background she was shoved
Don’t let those little ‘busy’ things be at the top of your list
Tell your Mum that you love her ......... before you have to tell her she is missed