My sister, my friend

My sister, my friend
You are so much more than just my sister, you are my best friend too.
There is a place in my heart, especially for you. 
In my thoughts are many memories, of the loving things you've done.
I want you to know, I am grateful for each one. 
My friends call me by name, but there's one name id surely miss.
Because you are my only friend, who can call me 'sis'
Although things will change around us, I hope our friendship will stay true.
That's why I'm blessed to have, a sister as wonderful as you! 
For happy times shared through the years, for the loyalty, love, laughter and tears.
For the special things only you can do, for all of these I thank you.
Time and space may separate us, but heart strings know no end.
I'm proud to call you my sister, happier still to call you my friend.