Total Lunar Eclipse April 15th 2014

Tonight's eclipse is the first of four in the next two years - a rare astrological event called a Tetrad which some religious extremists believe heralds the end of the world.
The four successive total 'blood-red' lunar eclipses each followed by six full moons - will start tonight and finish on September 28 2015.

Legend of the Blood Moon Serpent  
On a crisp fall morning in a small fishing town by a large lake. There lived a man named Sintrude Hindricks who was the main fisherman of the town. He was a very skilled fisherman and usually caught the most fish out of everyone, even though he used the same gear, an old fishing rod, and occasionally a net to catch the fish. Although he did not own a boat, he would sit in a chair on a dock fishing all day. Then the next day he would walk to the market and sell some of his fish, and buy some food or supplies. 
But, one day a strange merchant came to town with some unusual items to sell. Sintrude, out of curiosity started looking at a shining silver necklaces. He liked it and bought it, and wore it everyday since then. Soon after many people began to disappear along with their boats, fewer fish were being caught, and a sickness plagued the land. Sintrude thought it was because of the shining necklace. The necklace had something written in an ancient language, he could not translate it so he took it to the towns elder.
When the elder translated the words it was terrible, Sintrude had summoned the Blood Moon Serpent. The serpent was a non-stop eating sea serpent. It usually only attacks on blood moons or in its territory, the great lake by the town was now its new home. Sintrude had only herd story's of the blood moon serpent, how it consumed all in its way. No one knows how it gets to the different body's of water, but no one questions it. Sintrude didn't know all of the story's of the serpent. Or how the one who wears the necklace slowly has their soul corrupted by darkness, and on blood moons he has a great urge to kill, but it happened to him.
The People that were still alive had left the town, but the last person who saw him said he was going insane, but still fishing on the same dock. Now every blood moon a mysterious figure emerges from the lake to lay waste to all in its path.