People come and people go. By Mary Ramsis

People come and people go
Some like leaves that winds blow
Others know their way and flow
Some have days to spend on earth
Others have plans they follow since birth
Some are guided by the earthly seduction
Others work hard on the evil’s destruction
Those living with no plan will perish
Others follow a promise and flourish
With no plan yourself is your master and your lord
You’re driven by your ego as a dog pulled by a cord
You work on satisfying the not satisfiable
You depend and rely on the unreliable
You live with no clear goal or vision
Caring about yourself becomes a boring mission
Others have received God’s promise and word
They live to discover the plan of their Lord
They work in a team with the Almighty Master
Each day their understanding becomes wider and vaster
Their Master understands their needs and limitations
He also shares their dreams and imaginations
He’s a protector, a lover and a friend
Who walks with his followers hand in hand
He’s the source of warmth, joy, love and peace
He talks all the time even through a gentle breeze
That’s how these people live and enjoy
Connecting to God is their source of joy
I want to be like these people who follow God’s word

Don’t want to live wondering sadly why I came to this world!
By Mary Ramsis