My beautiful Kaya

Kaya is a very stubborn girl, she is very inquisitive, friendly to everyone she meets, fears nothing and she sometimes has a look that sort of says "Yes, I WILL allow you to love me" (Unlike Ollie, my other dog's, look of "Ohhh! I just love you so very much indeed, you are wonderful and amazing lol!") She is beautiful to look at and she certainly knows it!
She is very lazy and incredibly greedy.
But she also has an incredibly soft side to her too.....If ever I am unwell or sad, she knows....She just knows. If I am in bed sick, she will be thereright by my side and won't leave me until she knows I am well again.
On one occasion, a few months ago, I got very upset about something and started to cry, I was sobbing (It's very, very rare that I cry like that, if at all)
Kaya was in another room, but she suddenly appeared from nowhere and placed her head on my knee and then lay on the floor beside me.
I then had to go out to work, just before Paul arrived home from work. So I quickly pulled myself together and off I went.
After a couple of hours Paul texted me and said he was really worried about Kaya, because she was lying down, hadn't got up to greet him, she wouldn't go for a walk and she wouldn't eat. He thought she was in some kind of pain, she was just staring blankly at him...He told me he was going to take her to the Vets first thing the following day.
As soon as I arrived back home, 3 hours later, she got up to greet me, she was incredibly giddy, jumping up at me and running up and down the hallway excitedly wagging her tail. It was like she hadn't seen me for a month! lol She then ate all her food up and went and sat by the back door looking at Paul to take her for their usual evening walk......All the time that I was out she hadn't moved from the spot I had been sitting crying....And yet as soon as I returned home she was fine....It was almost as though she was really worried about me until she saw I was ok or that she thought I was crying because I was leaving and not coming back.......

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